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1. What are your hours of operation?


8 AM to 5 PM MT, Monday thru Friday. We offer 24 x 7 Service with prior arrangement..

2. What are your lines of Two-Way radios?


We carry Motorola, Radius, Nextel, ICOM, Kenwood & Vertex Standard radio products.

3. Do you carry any CB or Ham radios, antennas or parts?


Sorry, we do not carry or service any CB, Ham or scanner items.

4. Where are your transmitter Alpha Sites?


For information regarding our Sites, please use the e-mail link on the Alpha Sites page.

5. Do you give free repair estimates if I bring in my broken radio?


Sorry, but we have a shop minimum charge of 15 minutes labor.
Your estimate may take even longer for us to properly analyze the problem.

6. Can you repair my product under warranty if I lost my receipt?


Some products have a "Manufactured Date Code" on them. If the product is still within the
specified warranty period starting from that date code, we can help. Without your receipt
we cannot verify when you actually bought the item, which is when the warranty would have become effective for your product. PLEASE find your receipt & bring it with you!


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